Opera dans le parc

Production 2017

2017 - La Serva Padrona opéra de Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

La Serva Padrona, Musical Intermezzo by G.B. Pergolesi

Presented by Productions Alma Viva, Opéra dans le Parc 2017


Élodie Bouchard - Serpina

Vincent Ranallo - Uberto

Émile Beaudry - Vespone


Enigma Ensemble

Joel Verkaik - oboe

Peter Lekx - violin

Marie-Michel Beauparlant - cello

Jonathan Addleman - harpsichord


Nadia Neiazy Soprano

Vincent Ranallo baritone

Baritone Vincent Ranallo's singing career centers mainly around the concert stage and creation of contemporary works, as numerous contemporary composers, from Québec as well as from Europe, have been inspired by his voice.  

Hailed for the beauty and depth of expression of his voice, as well as for the infectious sentiment inherent to his interpretation, he has been invited to perform with a steadily growing number of ensembles, at festivals in North-America and in Europe. In 2017, he was invited to create the barytone solo in Éric Champagne's Te Deum with the New England Chamber Ensemble at Carnegie Hall in New York.

His artistic approach is inspired by his experience in theater and dance, as he is trained in classical ballet by the Grand Ballets Canadiens and has had occasions to work with choreographers like Marie-José Cartier and Estelle Clareton. 

His latest collaborations include a first recording of the sacred works by Québec composer Auguste Descarries, released by Espace XXI, as well as a monograph of Martin Lachance's music.




Élodie Bouchard Soprano

Émile Beaudry Actor

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