Opera dans le parc

Die Fledermaus

adaptation of the operetta by Johann Sytauss

Production of summer 2020

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Opéra dans le Parc presents:

Die Fledermaus

adaptation of the operetta by Johann Strauss

August 7 & 8, September 25, 28 & 29, 2020



When opera goes out to meet its audience in times of pandemic: Opera Nomade  are pop-ups, short and ephemeral interventions in public space.

A lyrical quartet, accompanied by an electric piano and animated by a zany staging, presents excerpts from the operetta Die Fledemaus

With its lively waltzes and recognizable melodies, this work lends itself wonderfully to bring a little joy and brief moments of respite in a precarious period.

Alma Viva Productions presents within the setting of Opera in the Park, an adaptation of excerpts from the operetta Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss, in various parks and public spaces in Montreal during the months of August and September 2020.

In compliance with current public health regulations, the dates and locations of the performances cannot be disclosed.



Rosalinde: Stéphanie Lessard

Eisenstein/ Alfred: David Menzies

Blind/ Falke: Vincent Ranallo

Adele/ Orlovsky: Nadia Neiazy


Staging  and animation- François Racine

Musical direction and piano: Pascale Verstrepen


Adaptation and texts by Nadia Neiazy & François Racine



Sung in its original language, German,

Texts in English and French

Length: 30 minutes


We would like to thank our partners: The Québec Atrs Council, the borough of CDN-NDG, Arts Week NDG



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